Upcoming Smart Phones to look out for in 2018

By Sebastian Garcia 0 comments

Year 2017 brought in a Tsunami of new smart phones into the market. In fact, we were spoiled and flooded with hordes of choices.

The year ended with companies flaunting their flagship models across the globe. And we are indeed impressed. Technology has been growing exponentially, and smart phones have been the best gadgets to benefit out it.

Are you planning to upgrade or have been thinking to buy a completely new device? In the world of gadgets we can always expect a neater, smarter, and improved version from its predecessor.

With the MWC 2018 lined up in the first quarter, rest assured, there will be many surprises waiting for us towards the end of next year.

Here is what you can expect from 2018.

Nokia 9: Not much has been discussed or leaked about the Nokia 9. However there is chance they might come out with their next flagship with the rumored Nokia 9. The leaked images show it looks much like Samsung’s S8 and will have a curved display.

What to expect: A premium design with Quad HD display. It should have IP54 waterproofing along with an iris scanner, fingerprint scanner and quick charge 4.0 support.

Galaxy S9: Galaxy S8 and S8+ were a grand hit for Samsung this year. Even with Google’s Pixel and Apple’s iPhone giving it a tough competition, Samsung still managed to make a decent sale. Samsung is keen to making devices that have a premium look with bezels. When you have already played your best card, in what way can you make the game better?

What to expect: Improved and accelerated performance with the all new 7nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (In UK) and Exynos 9810 (elsewhere). It should have 6GB RAM with two 12MP cameras that will have 10x optical zoom and 1000 fps. It’s OS will run on Android O (oreo) 8.0.

One plus 6: Again, there is not much buzz about the One plus 6 in the market. But we can definitely take an educated stab in the dark with the help from its successful predecessors, One Plus 5 and One Plus 5T.

LG G7: The predecessor G6 took the market by storm with its premium look and power packed software under the hood. G6’s camera was one of the best we had seen in the recent times.

What to expect: The look and feel should remain same as the LG G6, since it was already a combination of metal and glass. Since Qualcomm is coming up with the faster and better Snapdragon 845, we can expect the G7 to be powered by the beast.

Huawei P11: The P11 is expected to release at the 2018 MWC. This will put Huawei P 11 directly up against the Samsung’s S9. Huawei is known for its competitive prices. However we expect the prices to go up a bit this time along with the technical specifications.

What to expect: If a concept video online is to be believed, we can say that Huawei P11 will have a titanium body and under the glass fingerprint scanner. It will have the 10nm Kirin 970 with said to deliver 25 times better CPU performance and 50 times greater energy efficiency.

Galaxy Note 9 or Note X: A few years back Samsung had displayed to the world, foldable or flexible display. Back when we had heard about it, they called it Youm OLED display. Brace yourselves because if rumors are to be believed, Samsung is bringing flexible display in the market.

What to expect: Rumors say the resolution will be 4K which will ensure optimum output even when the display is bent. We can expect the device to be made in a hybrid manner, where it can used a phone and when you open the phone from the sides, it works as a mini tablet. Apart from the this, major revamps would include the camera and the processors.

Sure 2018 is going to be better, smarter and more elegant with beautiful smart phones arriving with the drum-roll. Lets wait and watch.